Thursday, May 5, 2011

In The Service Of What????????

Within this article the two authors (Kahne and Westheimer), are speaking about two different types of services that an individual can become involved with.  According to the authors, the different types of service learning, when practiced properly, can directly lead to different social as well a personal outcomes.  The basic argument is that each one of these two different forms of service learning, shine a different outlook on what it is to be a citizen.
                The first type of service learning that is mentioned is a charity-based service.  This is a service that involves an individual sacrificing his or her own personal time, in order to benefit other individuals in need, thus performing a majorly important civic duty.  Any form of volunteer based work will fall under this category of service learning.
                The second type of service learning that is mentioned within the article are known as changed base services.  The authors include that this type of service will help to push the students involved towards a strong democracy.  By performing this type of service learning, students will get a hands on look as to what the world is really like, resulting in the formation of perceptions of society that are based off of actual experience that the students were able to gain hands on.
                I was very interested when listening to the reasoning's these men had put together within the separate comparisons of both types of service learning experiences.  I feel as if the majority of what these men are saying is completely true, and that many students who have gone through either one can easily agree to the validity of this article.

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